Selective Prosecution

And we’re off!

This is one of those times where the punchline happened to align with trending Twitter terms. As usual, a pile of angry Communists are trolling those terms waiting for something to get posted that they can take a spear to.  A lot of angry readers didn't notice this was a comic about selective prosecution based on voting. They interpreted an arbitrarily red-colored hat as a MAGA hat (there's nothing printed on the hat) and wanted to tell me repeatedly that Trump supporters can't read.

This was a tactic during the Bush years, "Bush can't read." It didn't matter how utterly absurd the claim was (you were angry at him for READING A BOOK TO KIDS on 9-11). It's just some weird, dismissive thing they say about their enemies. I wouldn't even call it creative, it's just that they do it EN MASSE like some kind of NPC with a downloaded update. 


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