Based Comic is a team effort from Chance the Artist and Taylor the Writer. We’ve both been working in comics for over twenty years.

If you’re a hypocrite, we’re here to call it out. If you think real Communism hasn’t been tried, we’re going to show you how ridiculous you look. If we think what you’re doing is silly, we’re going to say it in this comic.

But say it with love and good fun, because we’re still Christians after all. We are telling you you’re wrong because we love you! Don’t worry–sometimes we’re wrong too.

About the Comic

Taylor and her best school friend Caleb live in comfortable and a little rural Frosty, Florida. Taylor is the editor of the Boca Del Rio Assisted Living Facility community newsletter. They’re buddies with local personalities Chance the Alligator and Dillon, an armadillo who loves beer. Anything goes.