All White People

Somebody, who might be me, read White Fragility. You need to understand the argument to properly rip it to pieces.

What I learned: Should you ever find yourself trapped in one of Robin DiAngelo’s struggle sessions for all white people, understand that she is expecting you to defend yourself. It’s the witch trials all over again, as nothing proves “you are a racist” faster in her book than denial. Literally, all of your denials are already in her book.

Instead, reject the premise. Go right for the center of the issue and reject the altered definition of racism: bigotry with the power of the state behind it, specifically the American government.

Why is that the only “power” we’re considering? Isn’t that a bit narrow and arbitrary? Who gave these academics the right to change a definition the general public never adopted?

Why exactly IS communism less racist than capitalism? Where in the world have any “POC” economically benefitted from a different system (outside of Star Trek or the utopia in Robin’s head of course). Show your work, Robin.

And most important, how has promoting this worldview actually improved the lives of the people who have bought into it?

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